Only Imagine……

Do you know the song “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe?  The song begins with, “I can only imagine what it will be like when…..”  Today, I want to “only imagine” what it will be like to vote for a specific viewpoint.  The candidates and their personalities, including flaws and good points, are not nearly as important this year as the worldview choices we are being given.
We truly do have a choice between a godly world viewpoint and an ungodly, humanistic world viewpoint that will radically change this country, no matter the choice we make.  One is a choice for life and one is a choice for death.  God instructs us as He did Israel “Choose life”.  
The following is my list of “I can only imagine what it would be like…” based upon the choices before us today:  
I can only imagine what it would be like:
  • To live in a country that reverences and acknowledges God Almighty and His Word and thus provides religious      freedom for all to worship as they want
  • To live in a country whose citizens understand and respect the heritage of America,including our history, our founders and founding documents
  • To live in a country that values and protects human life, ALL life from conception to the grave
  • To live in a country that recognizes that the traditional family unit is the building block of every nation, including the biblical definitions of gender and sexuality
  • To live in a country that respects and honors the Church and religious freedom in the public square
  • To live in a country that honors and is a friend to the nation of Israel
  • To live in a country that has a leader who works to keep and broker peace between all nations
  • To live in a country that has a leader and government that does not bow to ungodly or un-American views or demands
  • To live in a country whose leadership strengthens and fully supports the military and veterans
  • To live in a country with a leader who supports ALL law enforcement and front-line workers by word and example
  • To live in a country that provides education and school choice for all without ungodly indoctrination and philosophy
  • To live in a country with leaders that stand against socialism / communism
  • To live in a country with strong borders and strong immigration policies
  • To live in a country with fewer government regulations
  • To live in a country with lower taxes and the freedom for citizens decide how to spend their own money
  • To live in a country that allows citizens to choose their own healthcare based upon their own needs at reasonable cost
  • To live in a country that encourages capitalism, a free market system and job growth
  • To live in a country that is pro-business, pro-growth and at the same time protects our natural resources
  • To live in a country that allows us to keep the rights we have been granted by the Constitution without limit – freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to bear arms, etc.
  • To live in a country where everyone respects and honors our flag, our national anthem, and the pledge of allegiance
I can only imagine what it would be like to:


  • To live in a country that does not acknowledge God but rather supports an Equality Act, removing religious liberties and forcing churches and religious entities to violate their tenets of faith
  • To live in a country that actively promotes abortion, not only in this country but worldwide and actively works to oppose any measure that would oppose abortion
  • To live in a country that does not recognize the biblical definition of family, gender or sexual orientation, thus allowing anyone access to any facility based on what gender they identify with
  • To live in a country that will actively promote socialistic and communistic values for America
  • To live in a country that actively promotes transgenderism and prohibits counselling or assistance for those struggling with this issue
  • To live in a country that actively works against faith-based organizations to make them violate their beliefs where contraception is concerned
  • To live in a country that would penalize medical professionals for practicing and operating in accordance with their conscience
  • To live in a country that allows LGBTQ+ inclusive sex education including a full range of “family planning services” in the public schools
  • To live in a country that actively includes abortion and gender “transition” services in the VA
  • To live in a country that remains silent and does not actively promote religious freedom for military members
  • To live in a country whose leaders do not fully and unconditionally support ALL branches of law enforcement
  • To live in a country that will not continue to strengthen and support the military
  • To live in a country that will work actively to limit or completely eliminate the Second Amendment which gives all citizens the right to bear and keep arms
  • To live in a country that is for full open borders with no restrictions
  • To live in a country that will give full support to the Paris Climate Agreement and “green” energy to the detriment of American businesses and our economy
  • To live in a country that will actively promote and encourage Islam and Sharia law
  • To live in a country that will work to fill the courts with judges who fully support Roe vs Wade and actively legislate from the bench
  • To live in a country that has a fully socialized medical system
  • To live in a country that substantially raises taxes on individuals AND businesses across all income groups
  • To live in a country that does not honor or respect our founding fathers, our founding documents, our flag, our Constitution or our national anthem
  • To live in a country that will look to the United Nations, China and Europe dictation what is right and proper for us
  • To live in a country that consistently promotes and uses identity politics to separate citizens by race, culture, economic and ethnic groups
  • To live in a country that no longer allows freedom of thought or speech without persecution or consequence

    What can you imagine for our country?               


Abortion – What Is It Really?

Pregnancy month, weeks and trimesters chart with stages of embryo development – infographic of process of human fetal growth in vector illustration isolated on white background.

Before we get into what abortion is, we need to say, that just like adultery, drunkenness, fornication, or any other sin mentioned in the Bible, abortion is a sin.  As the slogan goes, “Abortion stops a beating heart”.  Abortion is killing a baby that is still in its mother’s womb.  BUT, the sin of abortion is forgivable!  If anyone who has been involved in abortion on any level will turn to Jesus Christ, pour out your heart to Him, and receive the forgiveness He has poured out for you through His precious blood, He WILL forgive you and you will stand before Him clean and pure as the driven snow WITHOUT condemnation.
This blog is to educate everyone on what abortion is because many people, especially women and even those working in the abortion industry, do not know what abortion entails.
The abortion procedures that are used to kill a baby and remove him/her from his mother’s womb vary depending upon the stage of the baby’s development (i.e. how far along mom is in her pregnancy). Let’s remember that a baby’s heart begins to beat when mom is just 21 days pregnant!  Most women don’t even know they’re pregnant yet.  Even scientists agree that a baby’s life begins when the egg and the sperm meet at conception.

Medical Abortion      

The first type of abortion is performed from conception to 5-9 weeks of pregnancy.  The baby is about 1 ¼ inches long at this point and well formed and recognizable as a little human being.  This type of abortion is called a “medical abortion”.  A drug is either given orally or injected into the amniotic sac that will kill the baby.  The most common drug given is Mifepristone (aka RU-486).  Mifepristone destroys the placenta by breaking down the lining of the uterus.  An additional drug, Misoprostol, is given to induce labor so that the dead baby can be delivered. As would be expected, the drug causes severe bleeding, and at times, vaccum aspiration may be needed to complete the abortion.  Other potential risks include infection, fever, chills, diarrhea, headaches psychological and emotional distress.  This procedure can be started in the doctor’s office and completed at home.  It can take from 1-2 days to complete.
 Vaccum Aspiration
The second type of abortion is called “vacuum aspiration” and is performed from 5-14 weeks of pregnancy.  At this point in the pregnancy, the baby can be up to 4 inches long.  Vacuum aspiration abortions are performed by inserting a plastic tube through the cervix (called a cannula).  A suction pump is attached to the other end of the tube with a bottle to collect the pieces of the baby that are suctioned out.  The suction pump is turned on and will pull the baby and placenta out of the uterus.  If the baby is too big to fit through the tube, the suction will pull the baby’s body in pieces.  These pieces must be identified later to ensure the entire baby is removed.  Sometimes the tube will not be able to dismember the baby, so the doctor will pull the baby out using forceps.  The baby will die in the uterus or may be left to die in the suction bottle.
The baby is alive while it is being suctioned into pieces. The risks to the mother during vacuum aspiration include cramping, heavy bleeding, damage to the uterus and/or cervix, psychological and emotional distress.
Dilation and Evacuation
The third type of abortion is called “dilation and evacuation” (D&E).  A D & E is done from 12 weeks up to birth.  The baby can range from 3” to birth size (18” or more).  During this procedure, the mother’s cervix is dilated.  Forceps are inserted into the uterus and the baby is pulled to pieces in order to be removed.  Babies that are larger are first killed, either by poisoning with an injection of digoxin or potassium chloride, or by cutting their umbilical cord and allowing them to bleed to death.  By killing the baby first, the tissue of the baby is softened and becomes easier to pull apart during the evacuation.
Larger babies are delivered in the breech position, feet first.  If the baby is not in the breech position, forceps or manual manipulation are used to turn the baby breech.  If the baby’s head is too large to fit through the birth canal as it is being removed from the uterus, an incision is made at the base of the skull, the baby’s brain is suctioned out and the skull is crushed using forceps.  This allows for easier removal of the baby from the uterus.  Suction is used to clean out the uterus.
The risk of injury to the uterus, cervix and vagina are higher in this abortion procedure because the baby’s bones are harder and sharp fragments can cause damage
The final abortion procedure is called a Hysterotomy.  Hysterotomy refers to a caesarean delivery as an abortion method.  It is used in some late-term abortions.  The woman’s abdomen and uterus are opened surgically and the baby is removed.  Before the surgery, the baby is given digoxin or potassium chloride to ensure the baby is dead upon delivery. Risks to the mother from this type of abortion include cramping, infection, and a generally higher risk of complications, up to and including death, as with any major surgery.
Failed abortions are not uncommon.  For more information on those individuals that survived a failed abortion, we refer you to the “Abortion Survivors” website.  
Aborted Babies – What happens?
The Bible teaches us that when the body dies, our spirit returns to God, our Creator.  Every baby that has been killed by abortion is in the presence of Almighty God and Jesus Christ.  If the mother of an aborted baby is also born-again, she will also enter the presence of Jesus when she dies.  Mother and child will be reunited in Heaven to spend all eternity together.  There will be no condemnation or remorse, only joy and gladness.
  1. Interference with career or education                       25%
  2. Can’t afford a baby                                                 23%
  3. Relationship problems / single mom                         16%
  4. Has all the children she wants                                 12%
  5. Not ready for child / responsibility                            10%
  6. Feels she isn’t mature enough                                   7%
  7. Parents / partner wants abortion                                6%
  8. Mother’s health at risk / rape / incest                         1%



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