Enforcing His Victory On the Earth

The day you and I received Jesus as our Savior we became citizens of a new kingdom, the Kingdom of God.    This kingdom we now belong to is a radical kingdom.  It is not a democracy.  It is a theocracy.  In our kingdom, God always gets what He wants.  Our kingdom is also very imperialistic.  We mean to take over the whole earth and are very intolerant of any other way. Jesus is the ONLY way. Read more…


Prayer That Paves the Way – Part 2

  • Use of the King’s Heart
  • In Part 1 of this blog, we outlined the three types of kings or leaders that rule people.  And we spoke of the importance for the Body of Christ to pray for our leaders.  But one thing we must know and understand is that God does not have exclusive use of our President or leaders and neither does the devil have exclusive use to our President or leaders or any other kingdom.  So, how do we know who has the use of our leaders?
  •   The one who has use of a President or king is the one who claims it.
  • Unfortunately, the Church has not been claiming the use of our Presidents, our leaders on every level, our judges and even the leaders in other nations.  A President, king, leader, and judge will surrender to whomever will play them.


Good and Evil Can Use the Same Leader  
Satan will use kings and leaders and nations.  God will also use those same kings and leaders and nations.  The Word of God tells us that Jesus was “born in the fullness of time.”  He was born under the Roman Empire.  The Roman Empire was not backslidden but rather full on completely heathen.  But why was it the best time at exactly right moment?  The leaders were anointed of God to carry out His plan of redemption where Jesus was concerned.  Herod was used by God and by Satan.  The Roman Empire was also instrumental in building the highways across the known world upon which the gospel traveled.  It was under this Empire that literature and other accomplishments came about that would also be used in the spread of the gospel.
Queen Isabella of Spain is another example of one who was used by both God and the devil.  She had a heart for God with the knowledge she had and wanted to spread the Word across the world.  It was this desire that caused her to fund the voyages of Christopher Columbus.  His desire was also to bring the gospel to other people and continents.  Queen Isabella is the one who instituted the Spanish Inquisition, a time when, in an effort to solidify the Catholic orthodoxy, she brutally tortured and killed Christians and Jews who did not comply.
Henry Ford was used by God to invent and produce the Model T.  The car has been used spread the gospel faster and farther than it would ever go without motor vehicles.  But, Henry Ford held fascist, anti-semitic views and even wrote books and articles on his views.  And who was fascinated and inspired by Henry Ford?  ADOLF HITLER.  Yes, Adolph Hitler based his views, policies and leadership on the writings of Henry Ford, the inventor of the Model T.  God used the car and Satan used a twisted mind.
The USA has done more than any other nation upon the earth to spread the gospel.  BUT, it has also done more than any other nation to spread MTV, pornography, movies with their violence, sex and profanity.  God has a plan and a purpose for our nation and wants to use our nation but so, too, does the devil. We are a Christian nation because our founding documents are based solely and entirely upon the Word of God.  We walk and operate as a Christian nation only when and because the Church PRAYS.  
Our mandate from God Almighty is to PRAY for all people, for kings and all who are in authority.  When we pray for kings and all who are in authority, we are praying for all people that they might lead quiet and peaceable lives in all godliness and honesty.  We must use our supply of the Holy Spirit to pray for kings and leaders.  It is by our prayers and our declarations that we fill valleys and bring down mountains to prepare the way for the King.
Stay tuned as we continue with this study……….      


Prepare The Way With Prayer

Have you ever heard a message and thought it was excellent and timely for the moment at hand?  And then, you hear it again about 16 years later and, WOW, it is even more timely today than it was back then.  This blog is about just such a message.  It is only the highlights but is so timely for what we are going through as the Body of Christ and as a nation. 

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